Eco-friendly Holiday Gift Ideas

Eco-Conscious/organic Gifts for those who care…..

Gifts for  the eco-conscious or just plain organic types 

Save the Rain Forest one pen at a time with the Bamboo Tornado by Retro 51 pen. Great gift for everybody, really cool looking, made from solid bamboo–the favorite food of pandas everywhere.  Costs $40 and helps save 250 square feet of endangered rain forest through Retro 51’s Arbor Day Foundation’s Rain Forest Rescue Program for all pens purchased. Anyhow check it out at

The Olive Smart Sack,  is also ideal for the  eco-conscious. It’s six colorful reusable bags in one small sack, –some stores like IKea no longer provide bags, so the Sack’s the perfect solution. They’re made of soft, durable washable supplex nylon and hold 20 lbs, and fit in cupholders of  cars or in a handbag. There is also the Olive Smart Half-Sack, a 3 bag and $24 solution. The handles on the bags in the half-sack are slightly longer so that you can sling them over your shoulder.  The Olive Smart Sack and Half-Sack are stellar products for anyone who is committed to helping the environment, in style! They make terrific gifts because everyone needs to have our own bags! Available online at

I just got a collection of auromere incense-I am burning a lavendar strip as I write, so heady, relaxing and the perfect holiday gift. They have 24 exotic fragrances (Indian Cedar, Lily, Rose, sandal, Gardenia, Musk, Myrh) each packaged in natural handmade, recycled paper and they all smell heavenly. .You can buy 3 gram samplers, or a full assortment of 10 gram packets. The company also has a special OM burner but since they omitted it in my package I have not idea what it’s like. Oh well, you’ll just have to check out the web site:

For those who really care, how about adopting a seal, sea lion, sea otter of dolphin rescued by the Marine Mammal Center of San Francisco– in their name. For $30 you can give a great gift and do good, too. They will also get a photo of their adorable marine mammal, certificate of adoption, bio of the animal and an issue of the Center’s newsletter. Go and click:”Get Involved”.

Crunch or Sports ClubLA How about a membership in a health club. If you can afford it, it’s one of the most thoughtful gifts to give. My favorites, Crunch and Sports ClubLA have branches spread out around the US. They are both cuts above the mass marketers and who wouldn’t appreciate a gift membership. or Great Jewelry for a cause: Elite, without attitude, luxe without pretense–even with a major celebrity clientele– the SportsClub LA (also in NY, Miami, Vegas) rocks with three floors of up-to-the-fitness minute equipment, large pool, rooftop tennis, Jacuzzis, steam baths, saunas, personal trainers, great in spa restaurants and lounges with big screen TVs and lots of amenities, lockers with combination locks, (plenty of towels, too).  I go to the ones in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, though I prefer the former which is larger and better fitted.  Crunch, on the other hand, while also boasting a no-attitude atmosphere, waxes more utilitarian, but greatly gussied up recently. Plenty of equipment, wild, sometimes wacky workout classes, steams and saunas, big screen TVs everywhere, two towels per guest (don’t like that), lockers that require your own key (thumbs down on that) and a snack/juice bar. But the members and staff are truly cool and the environment friendly.

And speaking of fitness, for those who prefer working out at home, Savasa ( features an ab fab line of toning, trimming and shape-up tools like the Eco Body Ball, Eco Weighted Ball, Long and Circle Resistance bands, ankle and wrist weights, water bottles, cardio training gadgets, mats and more. I just got a cool circle Resistance Band with a workout DVD downloadable to my iPod. I like how lightweight and compact it is because I travel so much and it can fit easily into my purse. I’m a fitness fanatic and never leave home without my workout props. Anyhow Savasa seems to have all the right stuff for Christmas, affordable, eco-friendly and healthy.

Making your gift count: The Leaky Collection, founded in 2002 by Katy and Philip Leakey of Kenya, creates unique Zulugrass jewelry made by the Maasai people of the area with proceeds going to help women of the area. It’s a worthy cause, but also profound pieces of jewelry that anyone would cherish, especially when they know your purchase went to a worthy cause. Check it out at

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