Academy Awards proves silence is “Golden”

Meryl was right, not her again!

“The Artist” quietly swept the Oscars, proving that silence is indeed “golden” and perhaps Billy Crystal could have kept a few pithy comments to himself. I mean the quote about “no black women in Beverly Hills”, and making an appearance made up like Sammy Davis, Jr.

I love what the New York Times writer,  wrote in today’s  on-line edition, “The whole night looked like an AARP pep rally, (my note, LOL)  starting with an introduction by Morgan Freeman, who was followed by Billy Crystal, returning to host his ninth Oscar ceremony. And age was his theme of the night. He did his usual comic medley of movie moments, including a sketch with George Clooney in “The Descendants,” urging Mr. Crystal to host the show. He promised “the youngest, hippest writers in town” and the camera panned to a group of drooping, old white men from the film “Moneyball.”

My money was on “The Descendants” but I did love Moneyball and The Help.  Billy was puny, funy, but it was hardly the best Oscar show ever but then it hasn’t been in a very long time. Perhaps it’s time for the Academy of Arts and Sciences to quietly present Oscars to each other in  a private, untelecast ceremony, and give us a break. We can read it about the next day as most of us do anyway.

Billy’s best line though was millions of people watching multi-millionaires giving each other golden statues.

Horray for Hollywood!

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