Bill Cosby sex fiend or what, Whoopie says she don’t care

So Whoopi  Goldberg says he’s innocent ’til proven guilty, his accusers feel otherwise. Did he give drugs to women to loosen them up for sexual acts, at this  point only Cosby knows and his accusers who may or may not be fibbing, but if they aren’t telling the truth, why now? The Statute of Limitations has run out in most cases.

I interview Cos back in the day and I was young and most say cute, even pretty and more, but he didn’t hit on me or even indicate any sexual deviate-ness. He was a gentlemen and very funny. But then there were people around too, lots of them. I’m not saying he didn’t do it, but like Whoopi says we need to know all the facts. Sound a little like maybe he did, though. Readers what do you think?

According to today’s, “Bill Cosby has admitted to getting prescription Quaaludes to give to women he wanted to have sex with, newly released documents dating back to 2005, that arose from a civil lawsuit filed by Andrea Constand — one of the dozens of women who have publicly accused the comedian of sexual assault. The records were made public Monday after The Associated Press went to court to compel their release.”

For a very funny man the situation Cosby faces just isn’t very humorous.


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