Be happy as a pig in mud with this miracle mask

mudHere it is  your moment of beauty Zen a mud mask that erases impurities, tightens and makes you happy a pig in well you know, mud.

Miracle Skin Transformer’s Miracle Revival Mud is the dirty little secret, you won’t be able to keep. You just apply it and keep it for 15 minutes and let it work its miracles  transforming your skin, adding hydration, elasticity, firmness, all while reducing blemishes. Naturally formed in bioactive silts found in spring fed European lakes it’s loaded with antioxidants and vitamins. So don’t be afraid to get down and dirty when your skin is I need of some revival.

Miracle Revival Mud  is a mineral-enriched mud mask that works to improve hydration, firmness, and skin clarity, revealing a more even skin tone and reduced surface shine. A special absorbing action helps unclog pores, deliver natural nourishment, eliminate dead skin cells and detoxify impurities. Skin feels comfortably refreshed, invigorated, and youthful. You can buy it on line at as well as for $38.

The gentle exfoliation of surface layers refines skin texture and promotes the natural renewal process. It leaves the skin feeling soft, smooth and cleansed. Extensive studies have shown that this bioactive silt shows superior activity in comparison to Dead Sea Mud, Fango Mud and Moor Mud in increasing skin moisture, reduces sebum flow, increases cell turnover by 92% and leaving the skin feeling smooth and soft.

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