Keep close contact with your precious eyeglasses with WristReaders


Wow here’s salvation for all of us who wear reading glasses an are always trying to find them while on a plane, train, in our  home, hotel, at the gym,  hiking, biking or out shopping. It’s WristReaders, glasses you wear around your wrist. Could be a problem if you talk with you hands like I do with the potential to smash them, but still I love the idea of never having to dig down into my massive purse looking for my glasses in a dark airplane or anywhere.

Created by an enterprising mother and son, the company is looking for funding and will send a set of frames for just $39. A fashion accessory bound to please the edgiest millennial, WristReaders were created and designed by a forty-something mom to solve a huge pain point for so many of us: never having our readers when we need them! Flexible, lightweight, comfortable and colorful, WristReaders will soon become your favorite, new accessory.

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