Cosmetic surgery tops the charts


Not only  in Hollywood.The eternal quest for youth hits a new high with more folks opting for cosmetic surgery than ever.DSCN0526

Thinking about face-lift or other cosmetic surgery? You’re not alone. Let’s face mature ‘millennials’ are all looking for that Fountain of Youth and ways to turn back the hands of time so we can well, look like a millennial. So when a press release arrived stating that nearly 60 percent of consumers now say they are considering a cosmetic treatment, up from 30 percent just three years ago, I had to pass it on so you’d know you aren’t along in your quest for youth. The statistic are from an ASDS Consumer Survey on Cosmetic Dermatologic Procedures. “Cosmetic medical treatments continue to grow in popularity,” said ASDS president Naomi Lawrence, M.D. “One of the keys reasons why is because patients trust their dermatologists and the advanced techniques and cutting-edge technologies that will improve their appearance.”

For the fourth year in a row, dermatologists ranked as the No. 1 of 14 factors influencing the decision to have a cosmetic procedure. Consumers also rated dermatologists as the physician of choice in eight of the 10 treatment categories. Of the 11 factors influencing the selection of a practitioner, consumers rated highly the choices involving physician expertise. The specialty in which the physician is board-certified, the level of the physician’s license and referral from a physician ranked as three of the four top factors.
“Board certification offers patients peace of mind that their dermatologist has the expertise and training to provide the care for their skin health and beauty needs,” Lawrence said. “Our ASDS members are proven skin experts who are committed to meeting the needs of their patients.”

The survey also uncovered the reasons why people are turning to cosmetic procedures, with wanting “to feel more confident” as the top reason. Next were wanting “to feel more attractive” and wanting to “look as young as I feel or better for my age,” duh!



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