Bronze is beautiful (and safe) with Skinny Tan

Go ahead bronze it up without worrying about sun damage just use Skinny Tan

 Patti’s Prattles rates Skinny Tan 5 Stars

 There was a time when I tossed almost ever self-tanner that was sent to me for review, they just didn’t work right. Some streaked others imparted a dreadful color.  Enter Skinny Tan, the magical millennial substitute for a sun-gotten tan that turns women into bronzed beauties safely without the harmful effects of the sun. And hey, the new  All Natural Sunless is great for hiding ugly cellulite bumps on your thighs or butt.

Why risk sun damage or even skin cancer, get  a beautiful bronzed body year around without ever having to sit under a sun lamp or go outdoor Skinny Tan. I’ve been testing all of the products

and can honestly say they are the best ever.  The After Glow is amazing. You apply it about five hours following the tanning application and voila you have a buff body beautiful Saint Tropez look like you just attended the movie festival in Cannes or spent the summer on the Cote d’Azur.

Yup, tanners are not what they used to be,they are much better.


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