Learn to speak clearly with confidence

With phonetics lessons by a master on Skype


Andrew Firta, a young Los Angeles entrepreneur and master of phonetics has created  a brilliant, much-need and very unique company called Accent Confidence that focuses on individual sounds  and proper pronunciations that many people struggle no matter what their ethnic background. The course can also be a big  confidence booster for people who do a lot  of  public speaking. Sessions are held on Skype but house calls are available for an extra fee. You can  contact Andrew for arrangements and more information. (I just posted that Google cartoon cause I like it so much, hope you do, too).

The website explains that the program can take as few as eight weeks to complete and that it  begins with an initial assessment where patterns in your speech are identified. The program is then modified to suit your specific needs. As the course moves forward, you can expect constructive feedback and re-evaluation along with accent modeling and articulation instruction.

About the program: The Compton P-ESL Program, developed by the Institute of Language and Phonology, has been in use since its inception in the late 1970s. For more information on this program, to hear before and after samples, and to try out the online practice materials, visit the Institute of Language and Phonology’s website at ajcomptonpesl.com.

Andrew Firta’s background 

California born and bred, Andrew Firta, is founder/owner of Accent Confidence. He earned his MA in linguistics from California State University, Northridge. His concentration in phonetics and phonology in graduate school is a testament to his boundless enthusiasm for the mechanics of speech and foreign accents. He is a certified P-ESL accent modification instructor and has taught ESL both in front of the classroom and as a private tutor. As a linguist, he has been trained in many aspects of language well beyond the scope of English pronunciation. The main objective of his services is to promote speech clarity through speaker awareness, fostering confidence to communicate clearly and effectively. He is currently pursuing a second master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology and hopes to expand his purview to include the treatment of dysfunctional speech and language disorders.

Not only is this a brilliant idea for foreigners with heavy accents or people with speech impediments,  it’s also valuable for thespian’s who might need to learn a particular accent for a role. Or in my case perhaps help me tone down my New York accent.


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