Bespoke beauty: the Kerastase Paris hair treatment

Here it is you moment of Zen

by Patti Pietschmann

Kérastase Paris’ has created mane-changing bespoke haircare treatments – Fusio-Dose Hair Lab™–a non cookie cutter, no one size fits all customized care for hair that costs just $30 and up at select salons such as Juan Juan in Brentwood, California where fellow blogger/stylist Whitney Postjuan visited for the personalized treatment.

Kérastase Fusio-Dose™ Hair Lab (in-salon treatment)kicks off a new era of personalized hair care by turning the salon into a high-tech treatment laboratory. The procedure personalizes styling with a uniquely prescribed and freshly fused formula.

The steps to luscious locks start he Hair & Scalp Profiler Camera which zooms into the hair fiber up to 600 times, allowing the stylist to complete a full fiber analysis checking hair for lack of shine, dryness, and breakage. The stylist is then able to create an ultra-precise diagnostic and identify a primary and a secondary need of the hair fiber, which is used to create a tailor-made treatment solution at the Hair Lab. The interactive, ‘soda fountain-like’ station consists of four concentrates (to address the primary need) and five powerful hair injections/boosters (to address the secondary need) that are mixed to offer over twenty treatment combinations. This transformative and completely customized “beauty-shot” treatment works in just five minutes and targets a range of hair care needs including smoothing, density, strength, nourishment, radiance, and more.

· Concentraté Oléo-Fusion- for nourishing and softening
· Concentraté Pixelist- enhances color radiance
· Concentraté Vita-Ciment- reconstruction
· Concentraté Densifique- gives tone and  more bounce to each strand

It costs from $30 at select Kérastase Salons


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