Look but don’t touch, appreciate silently


slideshow_1If women didn’t want men to appreciate their bodies would they walk around with most of their boobs and butts showing? It’s a look but don’t touch situation but a ‘look’ nonetheless. Most of us like to be looked at plain and simple or we wouldn’t preen and display. This is not suggest women want to be mauled but or touched by a stranger in any way but some of the women speaking out are sounding like it’s a shock that men would look at women wantonly, then cover up from head to toe.

Yesterday in LA countless numbers of nubile women walked around malls, streets, restaurants wear skimpy  tops displaying lots of breast  work (in some cases plastic surgery was evident), others had on shorts that show lots of butt and tight jeans that showed either hours in the gym or  no time working out. We are attention whores…

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