Cal-a-Vie helps spa-goers get in shape digitally

Spa news you can use luxury spa first to offer digital health management

By Patti Pietschmann


The pretty, little French Povencal-style spa in Vista, California has teamed up with  WellnessFX to put high-tech health management at your fingertips. Cal-a-Vie is the  first Health Spa in the U.S. to introduce WellnessFX- a breakthrough technology which allows guests to digitally manage, understand and improve personal health. Spa goers can get access to advanced blood testing analysis, personalized consultations with progressive health practitioners, and intuitive online health and habit tracking from the convenience of their smart phone or computer. It’s an added service that costs $1,575.

How it works

Biochemistry is the most accurate way to understand how nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle affect long-term health. WellnessFX has designed a platform that can help measure cardiovascular, metabolic, hormonal and nutritional health with a simple blood test with lab results published on a secure portal, a 30-minute phone follow-up with a health professional to review results and a one-on-one consultation with Cal-a-Vie’s dietitian May Tom to discuss the next steps for maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle.

“Behavior Modification provides the biggest difference in living out a healthy lifestyle. Armed with the WellnessFX results, we can provide tips and tools on modifiable lifestyle factors for long term results including meal planning, grocery shopping, dining in restaurants, sleep routines, stress management, movement and more, said Tom.
Founded 30 years ago as a boutique wellness retreat, Cal-a-Vie has emerged into a world-renowned destination spa recognized for its advanced technology, innovative fitness classes, healthy cuisine, pampering spa treatments and impeccable Provencal design. The Wellness FX option continues the destination spa’s commitment to creating an effective luxury wellness experience backed by modern science.


Cal-a-Vie is located about 40 miles north of San Diego. Accommodations are in 32 charmingly-decorated private villas. You can book three, four or seven night stays (I recommend the longer). The amenities include superb spa cuisine that’s prepared by one of my favorites, Chef Curtis Cooke (formerly of the Golden Door).

Of course Cal-a-Vie is designed for fitness and there are plenty of options from classes, to top-notch hiking trails. And no spa is worth is salt scrub without beauty treatments which truly are some of the best  in the industry (and what attracted many celebrities when it first opened three decades ago). There’s plenty of  mind-body awareness programs, lectures on health and nutrition, accommodations. And what’s more, they even supply guests with workout clothes.



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