Sure speak your mind celebs but think first and reign it in–just saying

Patti’s Prattles speaks out

424545_10150621214042297_420448024_nThe recent outbursts over Bill Maher’s use of the N word and the oh so stupid politically in correct things so called comic Kathy Griffin15894469_1053978441397328_3372124822145954115_n does and says only goes to show that ‘privileged’ celebs either don’t think before they speak, are stupid or don’y under the true meaning of freedom of speech.  This is an America right that needs to be used prudently and not meant to abase and abuse.

HBO late-night host Bill Maher did apologized for using the  racial slur during last Friday   night’s show, and so did Griffin, who was defended by Alec Baldwin. Baldwin said, “Kathy….baby…I’ve been there.”

Time to step back especially when criticizing the Pres. of the US. Like him or not He won, he’s in, end of story.

Photos from Maher and Griffin’s Facebook pages.


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