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Patti at homeI’m Patti Covello Pietschmann a freelance writer specializing in luxury travel, spas, cruises, beauty products, and self  improvement. I’ve been published in guide books, newspapers and magazines around the world, and on the world wide web.

 I’m opionated, edgy and honest–I only write about what I know up close and personal.  I accept free trips (quite honestly who can afford to pay these days) and products for  review.  I sample everything you read on my blogs and report honestly and subjectively.

Patti’s Pledge if I don’t personally test, taste,sample or see it I won’t review it.

Unlike some claims I take mine seriously and adhere faithfully. I am linked in, I twitter and facebook as  pattipietsch at both  and check them out, become my friend and/or follow me. I’m fun, at least I think so. LOL.patti

16 thoughts on “All about”

  1. Greetings Patti!

    I absolutely adore your blog! You always have great products to share with your viewers and Because of that, I would like to introduce to you, Lauren Luke, the self-taught makeup artist turned entrepreneur by way of YouTube. Her new color cosmetics line — By Lauren Luke — launches on April 27th to the delight of her friends and followers who’ve watched her makeup tutorials over 39 million times.

    Called “The World’s Most Popular Makeup Artist” by the BBC, the line includes five full-face palates with shades hand-picked by Lauren and tutorials meant to maximize the kit’s value and glam quotient. It will be sold exclusively on her website
    Lauren’s story, though just beginning, is a thrilling one –

    -39 million views of her video tutorials
    -The UK’s #1 YouTube Channel
    -A recent 30 minute BBC documentary on her story
    -A starring role in a new Nintendo DS game about to be launched
    -Appearances to date include CBS, Vanity Fair, Elle, Look Magazine and Radio 1
    -A book deal with Hodder set to release this fall
    -And even meet and greet with the Queen of England!

    Growing up in the proud yet humble English town of South Shields, Lauren posted her first tutorial on YouTube just 18 months ago. The 27-year-old single mother started posting the videos to enhance her gig selling makeup on Ebay – an opportunity she seized so she could quit her job as a taxi dispatcher and spend more time with her then 9 –year-old son, Jordan.

    Lauren never had many girlfriends growing up but has found a wealth of new ones on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Myspace. She’s in daily contact with them, whether posting a new video or just catching up. Her goal in life? Simply, “I just want to make people feel special and happy.”

    I’ve included our press kit here ( and a few of her tutorials to give you an idea of what it is that’s got everybody buzzing. Hope you find the story as interesting and exciting as we do. Any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

    Sweet & Innocent Bridal Look

    Franke Rodriguez and the By Lauren Luke Team

  2. HI,

    Thank you for sharing your information and facts about Skin & Beauty. I was looking for valuable information about skin and beauty and found your blog! Thank you for being an active voice in the Skin & Beauty community. I am the Director of Blogger Relations at Wellsphere and I believe that you would be a valued resource in our HealthBlogger Network, which currently has over 2,600 of the best health writers on the web.

    After reviewing your blog, I see that you meet our standards joining, so I’d like to invite you to participate as a Top Health Blogger. As a Top Health Blogger, you would republish your writing on the Wellsphere platform (now with over 6 million visits a month), and yet you retain ownership and all rights to the control of your content.

    If this opportunity interests you, please visit or email me at hua [at] wellsphere [dot] com.

    Have a wonderful day,

    Director of Blogger Networks

  3. You recently did a write up on one of our products
    “The Wine Rack” I wish I could post a big “Thank You” somewhere to everyone for the great publicity we got but I wouldnt even know where to start.
    We pride ourselves in being The Wackiest Gift Gallery in the internet, so keep us in mind for the upcoming Holiday season. We’re constantly adding goodies to our inventory. If there’s anything you need, such as hi-res images or product info just please let me know.

  4. Hi Patti.

    I noticed my product on your blog. Thank you.
    Is it possible for us to speak. Id like to learn more about you and talk about what we both do.
    I can be reached @917 922 8517
    thank you. Jessica

  5. Hi Patti,

    I really like your blog posts. I’m wondering if you would be interested to have me write a guest article on your site about plus size clothes or a similar topic or if you’re interested with Link Exchange.

    I’m looking forward to hearing from you, and hope your week is going well.

  6. Hi Patti,

    How do I go about contacting you? We would like to invite you to something special for my work.

    Thank you,

  7. Hi Patti

    i just followed your articles on any chance we get one article posted there by you? we are party business and we sell all sorts of party goods online.?

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